About Us

Swift Payments is a consulting company with extensive knowledge and background on electronic payments specializing in Risk Management. For over 20 years, we have engaged a variety of projects supporting both the developmental and implementation of technology infrastructure, workflow automation, and Credit Policies creation for Acquiring Banks, Processors, and ISV’s. Swift Payments also forged strategic alliances and partnerships enabling us to offer a full spectrum of services and solutions to a wide range of customers. Whether you’re a bank in need of Risk Mgt consulting services, a processor that need help implementing/training/developing risk mgt & underwriting policies/workflows, or just a high-risk merchant in need of a specialist for chargeback management and processing solutions…Swift Payments has the unique skill set and knowledge expertise to save you time and peace of mind. We help transform companies on adoption to the digital age and become more competitive with our expertise on technology, regulatory and compliance requirements so you can be market ready and focus on growing company sales.