Chargeback alerts usually shares data between merchants and participants chargeback. It diminishes fraudulent activities and helps you to get rid of costly chargeback fees or fines related expenses. While card-not-present transactions are increasing randomly, people have start bypassing merchants and proceeding towards card issuers to dispute the charges. It leaves the merchant with no opportunity to resolve consumers’ problems before the process becomes chargeback. When you are planning to join CDRN, they take initiative to solve your problem by transferring consumers’ disputes directly to you.

Know how CDRN works:

  • You don’t need any kind of integration for joining CDRN and start reducing your chargebacks.
  • Get instant alert from card issuers about cardholder disputes.
  • Make use of a single user ID while you are planning to manage descriptor enrollment.
  • The service offers you with user-friendly website that gives you detailed case history and has flexible notification option.
  • Internal expenses that occur in order to receive, handle or respond to Chargebacks are reduced to certain extend.

Join with CDRN and enjoy amazing service while accessing customers’ disputes directly from card issuers.

Shield Your Business with Chargeback Alerts!