Online credit card transaction offers you with more convenient services:

Swift Payments Inc provides you with safe and secure credit card payment solutions. It allows your consumers to enjoy swift, safe and efficient cash transaction services. Our payment gateways offer you with both automatic and manual transactions. When you engage yourself with Swift Payments Inc, it lets you pay via credit cards, Ach payment services and debit cards by availing secured account verification option. It’s cost-effective for your business and also increases your sales volume. You can also ensure security through PCI compliance.

Our other payment gateways include:

  • Batch uploading
  • Allows you to have detailed transaction reports
  • Scam or fraud filters
  • Recurring billing
  • Tokenization etc. services that provide your business with good growth.

Instant payment using your IPHONE:

When you use our iPhone payment processing system, it gives ensures that you won’t ever miss a sale.

Turn your iPhone into secure cash transaction processor and accept credit cards anywhere by using this device. You can enjoy safe transaction without sitting in front of the computer. Now, process your payments from any part of the world utilizing real time and on the go processor. Whether you are in a meeting or attending any personal events, it wouldn’t stop you from taking your business in the right direction. Go with this advance technology to earn good business revenue.

Reward Your Potential Consumers