Make your payment process easier with virtual credit terminals

Being a web-based program, virtual terminal works like an online card payment authorization. It allows you to transact your cash to any computer in this world with an internet access. To browse safely, sign in to the website with a unique ID and password that allows you to charge cards or process credits. In a nutshell, you have complete software for processing your transactions and orders.

How virtual terminal helps your business?

  • Allow you to process card payments via mail, phone or fax.
  • Lets you enjoy amazing sales growth.
  • Helps in tracking transaction status.
  • Keep records of previous authorized transaction.
  • Offers you with the facility of refunding cash to your clients’ credit card.

ACH credit payments also include:

  • Reimbursements of employee expenses.
  • Interests and dividend payments.
  • Pensions and payrolls.
  • Transactions that comes up with customers’ initiation (i.e. electric bill payments)
  • Tax payment annuities.
  • Social security payments.

Now, access our secure virtual terminal from anywhere in this world with secure web browser!

Keep Your Business Virtual

Merge Shopping Cart with Your Website and Promote Your Sales

If you want to run you business smoothly, integrate shopping cart in your website. When you add shopping carts by taking help from Swift Payments Inc experts, it improves your sales and let you enjoy revenue at end of the year. Online shopping is found to be convenient for people. It benefits your consumers in many ways and also keeps you profitable. Incredible offers and authentic payment processing services makes you popular in crowd. With user-friendly e-commerce site consumers can easily add or remove their preferred products. Multiple items are allowed to add in a single cart and customers don’t have to pay separately for ordering different products. Your online clients can save their orders for availing a transaction in future. They can also provide specifications for shipping by including some special delivery instructions.

Benefits you receive for incorporating shopping cart with your website:

  • From placing orders to purchase every phase can be tracked.
  • Lets you have a close observation of buying trends.
  • Allows receiving automatic e-mail confirmation.
  • Gives reminders on delivery of purchased products and also provides you with status updates.
  • Purchase of products by using credit card is processed through real-time.
  • User-friendly, safe and secure buying experience is provided.

Swift Payments Inc provides you with the best shopping cart system that attracts more clients automatically to your website and keeps you enjoying high business revenue.

Make Your Business Online